You can hear our Song of the Month:

Pop Dance 2017 (composed and played from "Gedicke")

This Song is played Live on Wersi Pegasus Wing and a Dance-Style from the "9900 Ultimate Style Pack"!

Do you have also own Songs played with our Styles? You can send them us and we put them on this Site!

(for Copyright we only can play your own compositions!)

Musikstyles & Soundpacks for your Keyboard or Organ in the Onlineshop.
You find a detailed Listing of the differences of the Style Packs here:

The 5000 Styles Pack*

This are Styles from every Musicstyle in more than 100 Categories.
Included in this Pack there are also 400 Song Styles
*(at any Roland Instruments the number of Styles will vary from 4500 up to 4950 Styles)
More Details you will find in the Categories in the Shop. 
Click here for the Complete 5000 Styles List as pdf 

The 3000 NEW Pack!
Included in this Pack there are 1600 (!) Song Styles from many Songs from the 60s up to now.

More Details you will find in the Categories in the Shop. 
Click here for the Complete 3000 Styles List as pdf 

The 8000 COMPLETE Pack! (for Roland 7500 up to 7950 Styles)
The 8000 Complete Pack includes the 3000 and 5000 Style-Pack, but not the 436 (400) Precision Styles Packs. 

436 (400) PRECISION Song Styles for Yamaha, Roland & Ketron Instruments!
The Song Styles included in this 436 (400) are programmed with a highly true Sound of the Original Song.
Click here for the Styles List 

The 9900 ULTIMATE Style Pack! (Ketron 9000 Styles & Roland 6800 Styles)

This Style Pack includes round about 7000 different Styles. You will get a new workflow playing these Styles, because we have included up to 3 Variations of one Style. That means:
For Example you want to play an Organ Bossa Style. Normally you have there up to 4 Variations and the 4 OTS-Sounds. We have made up to 3 minimal different Variations of one Style, so that you can play with up to 12 Variations and OTS-Sounds.
Also all Styles have 3 Intros, 4 Mains/Fills und 3 Endings. 

Included in the "Vintage" Categories you will find older Classic Styles without OTS. In this categories the numbers of Intros/Endings and Mains/Fills can also be different.
If you play a longer time with Styles you can find there many pearls of the 70s and 80s. 

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We deliver your Styles in between 24 Hours as a download.
But you also can choose the delivering on a Thumb Drive or SD-Card.