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Gedicke: The Complete Works Live on Yamaha Genos:
  • Playing Time: est. 2:50 Std.
  • 50 Titel, all own Compositions
  • a History of 20 Years of Music from me
  • Pop, Rock, Easy Listening, all included
  • LIVEplayed on Yamaha Genos with Styles, without Midifiles, without Overdubs
  • you here Yamaha Genos PURE!
  • there are also many Styles from my Packs included in the Songs
  • great to get a whole overview abot the Sound- & Style-Repertoire from the Yamaha Genos
  • or only to here Easy Listening Music and enjoy
  • Delivering as Audio-Download (Format: high definition .aif), NO MP3 available


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Gedicke: Dream your Dream


The great Album from 2012 with the following Songs:


Vintage Harmony




Ballade for Emily


Beal Feirste


Flying high




Flame inside




Bella Fragola


Waves from the Universe


Empty Rooms stay empty


You and me


Winter Ballad


When the Sun is shining


Running in the Sunshine


The Seagull




Synthesizer (Studiologic Sledge, Yamaha Motif XF8): Gedicke

Keyboards & Organs (Yamaha Tyros 4 & Clavia Nord Electro 4D): Gedicke

Guitars (ESP Telecaster & Washburn Acoustics): Gedicke


Mix: 7keys Studio, Zülpich by Gedicke


Mastering: 7keys Studio Zülpich by Gedicke


All Songs written and composed by Gedicke

All rights reserved by Eorg Music 2012


Shipping as Download (mp3 und AIF) after Payment



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In stock

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