3000 NEW Styles für Yamaha Genos

3000 NEW Styles für Yamaha Genos

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Play your Keyboard with the "Songstyle Pack" the 3000 NEW Style Pack".


These are excellent Music Styles, that will increase and renew your enthusiasm to your Keyboard.

The Styles are sortet in more than 100 Categories. You can find quick and easy the Styles you want to play at once. In our Collection there are also extraordinary Styles included you do not find in any other Collection.

Included in this special Pack there are 1600 Song Styles. With these Styles it is possible to play your Favourite Songs more realistic than ever before.

The 3000 NEW Style Pack includes other Styles than the 5000 Style Pack.


Here are some Categories:

8-Beat more than 40 Styles
16-Beat more than 35 Styles
Ballad more than 60 Styles
Bigband more than 45 Styles
Bossa more than 20 Styles
ChaCha more than 30 Styles
Country > 70 Styles
Dance > 40 Styles
Disco more than 40 Styles
German Special 20 Styles
Jazz more than 40 Styles
Piano more than 90 Styles
Polka more than 20 Styles
Pop more than 40 Styles
R & B > 50 Styles
Rock more than 60 Styles
Rock & Roll more than 20 Styles
Samba more than 20 Styles
Schlager more than 20 Styles
Songstyles more than 1600 Styles
Waltz more than 60 Styles
World more than 70 Styles
Xmas Special more than 60 Styles

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