9900 ULTIMATE Styles for Yamaha Genos

9900 ULTIMATE Styles for Yamaha Genos

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Play your Keyboard with the "Ultimate Style Pack".


After your payment you get the new "9900 Ultimate Style-Pack", playable on the Keyboard Model you see ahead. 

The Categories:

Ballad & Ballad Vintage
Ballroom & Ballroom Vintage
Beat & Beat Vintage
BigBand & BigBand Vintage
Blues & Blues Vintage
Bossa & Bossa Vintage
ChaCha & ChaCha Vintage
Classical & Classical Vintage
Country & Country Vintage
Dance & Dance Vintage
Disco & Disco Vintage
Entertainer & Entertainer Vintage
Gospel Vintage
Latin & Latin Vintage
March & March Vintage
Misc & Misc Vintage
Movie&Show & Movie&Show Vintage
Piano & Piano Vintage
Pop & Pop Vintage
R&B & R&B Vintage
Rock & Rock Vintage
Schlager & Schlager Vintage
Slow & Slow Vintage
Swing&Jazz & Swing&Jazz Vintage
Unplugged & Unplugged Vintage
Vintage 1-3 (Oldschool)
Waltz & Waltz Vintage
World & World Vintage
Xmas & Xmas Vintage

This Style Pack includes round about 7000 different Styles. You will get a new workflow playing these Styles, because we have included up to 3 Variations of one Style. That means:
For Example you want to play an Organ Bossa Style. Normally you have there up to 4 Variations and the 4 OTS-Sounds. We have made up to 3 minimal different Variations of one Style, so that you can play with up to 12 Variations and OTS-Sounds.
Also all Styles have 3 Intros, 4 Mains/Fills und 3 Endings. 

Included in the "Vintage" Categories you will find older Classic Styles without OTS. In this categories the numbers of Intros/Endings and Mains/Fills can also be different.
If you play a longer time with Styles you can find there many pearls of the 70s and 80s. 

If you do not want to download your Style Pack we can send you this Pack on an USB Stylestick. 

The new "9900 Ultimate Style-Pack" is different to all our other Style-Packs!


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Download or Delivering as USB-Stick (Thum-Drive) or SD-Card.

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