Sound Expansion "MOD7-1" for Korg Kronos


Sound Expansion "MOD7-1" for Korg Kronos

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Download the legendary sounds of the Yamaha DX-7 in your Korg Kronos. 
Reprogrammed and the excellent and vibrant sound of Kronos at the level of the present time! 
Each sound is associated with a meaningful, inspiring Karma® function.

The expansion base 1 contains 128 different sounds and a set list!
Copy the sound bank, to the hard drive in your Kronos or a USB stick. 

After receipt of payment, you will get a download link to a Kronos sound library "MOD-7 sound expansion 1". 
This file contains 128 fantastic, newly programmed sounds, a setlist, the voice list file and the installation guide. 
About the disk function upload the sound bank user G in a suitable sound bank of your Kronos. 
Please the user manual of your Kronos and the installation instructions included with the expansion of the sound.


  • You get with your download by us the following data:
  • the sound Pack with 128 excellent sounds
  • 1 Setlist
  • 1 Voicelist File
  • Installation Guide
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