Sound Expansion "MOD7-2" for Korg Kronos


Sound Expansion "MOD7-2" for Korg Kronos

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Download the legendary sounds of the Yamaha DX-7 in your Korg Kronos. 

Reprogrammed and the excellent and vibrant sound of Kronos at the level of the present time! 
Each sound is associated with a meaningful, inspiring Karma® function.

The expansion base 2 contains 128 different sounds from the E-Piano and Organ Category.

40 Acoustic Pianos

40 E-Pianos

40 Organs

8 Synthesizer

Copy the sound bank, to the hard drive in your Kronos or a USB stick. 

After receipt of payment, you will get a download link to a Kronos sound library "MOD-7 sound expansion 1". 
This file contains 128 fantastic, newly programmed sounds, the voice list file and the installation guide. 
About the disk function upload the sound bank user G in a suitable sound bank of your Kronos. 
Please the user manual of your Kronos and the installation instructions included with the expansion of the sound.


You get with your download by us the following data:

  • the sound Pack with 128 excellent sounds
  • 1 Voicelist File
  • Installation Guide
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